I tell stories that sell and craft copy that captivates. I devise innovative social media content that boosts engagement, drives traffic, builds brands, and generates revenue.

Possessing a real passion for my chosen career, I’m bursting with ideas and creativity, and can entice and entertain any audience.

I write humanised content that cuts through the jargon and boring waffle and resonates with people. My writing contains tonnes of warmth, personality, and humour — when needed.

Audiences have ranged from eleven-year-old children to those old enough to receive a telegram from the Queen.

Clients have covered a breadth of industries — from start-ups to international household names.

Content has included sensitive issues such as mental illnesses, disabilities, dementia, COVID-19, and cancer care — to subjects that require a tongue firmly in cheek.

I’ve written about film, music, and football — to name but a few. I love to blog and create social media content in my spare time, too.

Among my proudest achievements is running, devising content, and planning events for a website across five social media channels, which I have taken to over a 22k following.

I’ve interviewed and written articles on Hollywood actors, Oscar-winners, world champion sportspeople, Knights, and recipients of other royal honours.

I’ve also been fortunate enough to train, manage, coach and mentor younger members of staff and apprentices.

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